Now it is my turn, my pleasure and my commitment to be there for her and with her, whatever it takes.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mom the CareGiver

My mom and dad were married for 68 years.

Dad lived in Drummond and Mom lived in Waukomis. He would drive to Waukomis in his pickup that had so many lights on it that you could see him coming for miles. Dad joined the Air Force and spent WWII in London. When he got back to the states Mom got on a bus and rode to Neosho, MO to meet dad. They were married and they were so broke that all they could afford to eat was peanut butter. So the story was told. They had 2 children a boy Timothy and a girl Kathryn.

They lived a very good life together. Dad was a very hard working business man. He was a farmer and put himself thru electricians schooling and then worked as an electrician and evenings and weekends he farmed. Then he got into the horse racing and offshore oil drilling in the gulf of Mexico. They owned the Cattle Sale Barn and several acres of land.

Mom had taken care of her dad before he died. She took care of her mother before she died. Now I feel like it is my turn to take care of her.

Mom was always at home, taking care of her family and Dad's Aunt who raised him. Mom said as long as Lulu was alive she would have Thanksgiving and Christmas. She always had great dinners and Christmases.

Mom and Dad had spent several winters in Phoenix AZ. Right next to Camel Back Mountain. They had many friends in both places.

When dad quit going to the farms his health begin to decline. My father was diabetic and had been hospitalized several times for kidney failure. My mom took care of him, she did all the driving him to appointments and was always cleaning up after him. They would sit in their recliners and watch TV. They would go to Applebee's everyday for lunch. Then eat something small for super. Dad would never eat anything mom cooked. He liked crackers and peanut butter.

Mom was using a walker at this time, and having trouble with her knees.

Dad was always falling down and she would have to call someone to help pick him up. It was very hard on mom, but she stayed strong and made it thru those long months. She would call me and just cry, she didn't know what she was going to do with Dad.

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