Now it is my turn, my pleasure and my commitment to be there for her and with her, whatever it takes.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday 31st of Aug

Dr. Short said that her Hemoglobin was back up to 9.5 and that we wont do another blood transfer
Discharge lady came and discussed moving to GOV on Monday but would talk with Rose and see if we could do it before

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday 30th of Aug

Dr ViJay ordered a blood transfusion because Hemoglobin was 8.4
Tim was with mom and she was getting her blood transfusion.
Mom had to go to the bathroom, so Tim decided to leave.
She had started to shake then. UNCONTROLLABLE
1 hour into the blood transfusion at a rate of 100 - she had a reaction to the blood transfusion.
ALL the nurses came in and got the blood stopped. She was still shaking. 99.8 temperature.
Couldn't get an oxygen read on her she was shaking so bad.
Started giving her oxygen, Dr. Short said to give her Tylenol by mouth and Benedryl interveniously
They left and mom started throwing up.
the Benedryl kicked in and she went to sleep.
They come to move her down to Skilled nursing. They started to help her up and she says "I'm peeeeing" The sit her down, try again same thing.
They went to get a diaper. Changed her gown.
The lab come in to take blood to see why she had a reaction to the transfusion. So they put her back in bed.
They finished, girls came back got her in her diaper and we are now in a MUCH smaller room.
She is again sleeping.
Mom had to go to bathroom and nurses aide Carol came in and didn't give mom the walker to hang on to and just pulled her up and expected her to walk
She then put her back on the bed and was putting on her diaper and rolling her around and hurting her. Mom was crying out
all of the nurses on 3 put the diaper on while standing up from the commode
Nurses aide Carol was making mom move to fast for her little shaky legs,and didn't offer the walker for support - remember she just had a reaction to the blood transfusion.
Again she had to go and Carol and Samantha came in. Carol was again very hasty and took mom's diaper off before she got up and mom urinated on the bed.
Then Carol was upset that she had to remake the bed. Which was her fault for taking off the diaper too soon.
Then she wasn't quite to the portable commode and she pushed her over and down to sit down.
Carol was very rough in wiping Mom
Then there was putting on the diaper
Carol was going to put her back on the bed and I said put the back of the diaper on before you sit her down.
So I went out and told the nurse that the nurses aide Carol was not to come back in my mom's room.
Nurse said that she was new and they were just getting used to her or something on that line
I said "That has nothing to do with me or mom, and my mom was not going to be treated that way"

Mom @ Bass August 2011

Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 10:02 PM

Jodean Chesnut has not had a very good day at all.

Dr ViJay order mom a blood transfusion.  Her hemoglobin was 8.4

I left for a little bit and when I returned Tim, my brother, was with mom and she was getting her blood transfusion.
Mom had to go to the bathroom,  her fever went up to 99.8.
She had started to shake then. UNCONTROLLABLE
1 hour of blood at a rate of 100, into the blood transfusion she had a reaction to the blood transfusion.

The nurses came in and got the blood transfusion stopped.  She was still shaking.  
Couldn't get an oxygen reading on her she was shaking so bad.
Started giving her oxygen,  Dr. Short said to give her Tylenol by mouth and Benedryl intravenously

Nurses left the room and mom started throwing up.

The Benedryl kicked in and she went to sleep.  

They moved Jodean down to Skilled Nursing and Dr Short said she would be here for a week.
I have had trouble with a nurses aide and had to refuse to let her back in the room.

She seems weaker again, and her demeanor is just not very good at all.

I am so wishing I would have brought her to OKC now.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday 29th of Aug

They came and start walking her to the door. She started every where.
They turned her around, put her on the porta pot
Brought in some diapers for next time.
She has been bawling all night.
Health wise mom is doing a little better every blood test.
Physically mom is SOOOO weak.
Mentally so damn depressed she is just one big negative word after another.
She was getting up about every 1/2 hour to go to the bathroom.
She got diaharia

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday 27th of Aug

another 2 hours we made it to a room.
Low on potassium
Urinary tract infection
Creatin was low ???
kidney failure
The Dr Short came in and said that Mom's kidney functions are a little better this morning. She will have to do some therapy and liquids for a while.
I have requested the labs for Daughter and Dr. Ross in OKC

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday 26th of Aug

So I slept till 8:30 then heard mom, she fell again in the bathroom.
Feed her breakfast and she had to go to bathroom, so I convinced her she needed a shower. So I have her in the shower.
I called for help and Ty and Chrystal came up to help get her up. Then Shane the nurse came up and we decided she should go to hospital
The Golden Oaks Village said that they could take labs.
eMailed a Lab order to Dr Karen Ross
They just need an order.
Shane Kavanaugh is the DON in the Home Health department at GOV.
the fax number 580-249-2689
Labs got back and Karen Called me at 5pm said to take her to hospital
UN 75 - kidney failure
Creatnine 3.1
Potassium 2.8
CK elevated 617
So we brought her back to Hospital. They were not going to keep her. They were going to send her home with a fluid diet and recheck her in the morning.
4 hours in the ER, and her not being able to walk, I WAS NOT TAKING HER HOME. Daughter was texting that she needed an IV and need antibiotics.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday 25th of Aug

THIS morning I got up to check on her at 7 am. I gave her a whistle if she needed me in the night.
She was in the bathroom. She made it from the bed to the bathroom on her own.
She could not get up off the toilet. So I helped her into the wheel chair.
Wheeled her to the kitchen table. She would not eat breakfast. I finally fixed her an English muffin and she ate just about half.
She then fell asleep so I asked if she wanted to move to her chair. We got her in the chair, but she hasn't moved since.
She refused to go to Therapy this morning. I called and spoke with Don at therapy. He said that isn't the woman that was in here on Tuesday.
She is very depressed, My dad used to say "Why can't I just die" Well she said that this morning. She HATES that I have to wait on her. I am just really lost as what to do.
She sit in the recliner all day. She always goes to bed at 8:30 pm. 9:30 pm at the latest.
She just kept knitting and saying she was going to go to bed.
I finally went to bed about 11:30 pm.
At 2:00 am, I heard her, she had been trying to get out of her chair since 1:00 am
I got her in the wheel chair and got her in the bathroom, it was too late, but she need to change or clothes
She couldn't stand up so I told her I was going to call down stairs and get someone to come up and help her.
By the time help had come she had slid out of her wheel chair and was on the floor. Nurses here are not supposed
to lift. So they had to call a non-emgerency fire department to come and get her up off the floor.
So at 2:30 am I had 3 firemen, 2 nurses and a security guard in here trying to get her up.
Nurses got her clothes changed and got her in bed.
It's now it's 3:26 am and I am wide awake. Not knowing what my next step is.
Mom keeps trying so hard

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mom's 1st Fall

Mom had been sleeping late. The retirement center calls every morning to check on the residents in independent living. They had already called and mom was asleep so I answered and pushed the #1 button to let them know that we were all right.

Mom was still sleeping and I would go and check on her periodically. She got up to go to the bathroom and lost her balance and slid down the door, hitting her head on the sink cabinet. She couldn’t get up. She didn’t have her emergency button. She would have stayed there all day until the night call would come in at 5 pm. Then there is no telling what she would have done. She didn’t hurt anything, just a bump on her head.

I am just so thankful that I was with her to call and get some help to get her up.

We spent the whole day at the hospital making sure that was nothing broke.

Wednesday 24th of Aug

9 oClock I went to check on her, she was laying on the bed with one leg off the bed. She said she was just really tired.
I told her she didn't have to get up - she said she had to go to bathroom
she got up and walked to bathroom - then I heard her say that she was going to fall.
I rushed back in there to find her on the floor. I called for help and a nurse came up and put her in a chair.
went to Emergency room
they checked for broken bones and bruises sent me home with instructions for ice for bruises
1 they did not check her blood for WHY she fell
2 they did not check her Urine for WHY she fell
I went and purchased a wheel chair to help get her around
She just cannot walk, her knees will not work. She has no upper arm strength to lift her self up.
I got her to talk a shower.
She ate good and then slept in her chair until 10:30 and she went to bed
Gave her a whistle so if she needs me.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday, August 8, 2011

Electricity Power Outage

A big storm went thru the Enid weather and all the electric was out, so many lines were down that they said it would be days before it would be back on. 100 degree weather, I could not leave my mom in that heat and I couldn't work with out electricity. So we packed up and went to Kimi's. Stayed till Thursday.

Mom had an orthopedic appointment on Thursday 11th, They showed me the eXray's of her knee and shoulders. The doctor said that it would be a major surgery to redo her knee. He strongly suggested a second opinion before we decided on surgery. Mom said she didn't want to go thru another surgery. Her shoulder was just eaten up with arthritis and her shoulder had dropped.

No pain pills touch the pain. They only made her dizzy and make her fall.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Mom turns 88 today. We went to church and Kimi and her family came up and had lunch with us.