Now it is my turn, my pleasure and my commitment to be there for her and with her, whatever it takes.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Mom knitted all of her life. Making sweaters, scarves, dish rags, but her most famous thing of all were her baby booties and caps. She never needed a pattern, she knew it by heart. Every brand new baby in the Drummond area got a pair of mom's knitted booties. Being her daughter I got more than 1 pair and by the time I had 3 girls, I had quite a collection.

Mom tried to knit for the 15th great-grandchild. She ripped out more than she knitted. She stopped and tried to knit a dish rag. She couldn't knit. Her hands were shaking so bad, then she would go to sleep and drop stitches. I watched the frustration on her face.

She had me print out the pattern and she tried by reading the stitches from the pattern.

She has given up on knitting. She just does crossword puzzles all day when she is not sleeping.

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