Now it is my turn, my pleasure and my commitment to be there for her and with her, whatever it takes.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mom got sick

Sunday and Monday mom starting getting sick.  She was throwing up and not eating.  Getting weaker and weaker.  She fell down several times.  Couldn't walk from the bed to the bathroom.  I tried to get her moved to assisted living, but when the nurse arrived she was going to have to go to The Nursing Center.

Bengi and I moved her over to the Nursing center.  Then the girls came up and helped me moved her stuff out of the apartment.

If she gets to walking again, she can go to "Assisted Living", but she has to be incontinent.  I am hoping that Therapy will help her.

Life is going to be totally different.  She now has a room mate.

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