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Friday, February 15, 2013

Mom @ Bass February 2013

Mom @ Bass 2/2013
She was coughing when I took her to get her nails done on Wednesday.  2/6/13. Then Sunday 2/10/13. I tried to get her in car to go to church and she was too weak to stand up so she didn't go. After church I went back and sit with her while she slept. Coughing but not all the time.  Asleep she didn't cough .

Monday I sit with her all day. She slept all day - I knew she didn't drink or eat anything so Kelli and I talked about it  AM monday dr Singh came in and ordered antibiotics and a chest X-ray  I went to Pilates then home. 

Oh ya Kelli did give her a breathing treatment at GOV but she wasn't responding that's why she called at dr said to take her to ER

I kept telling them that "She hadn't had enough to drink"  then they start antibiotics   In ER I demanded an urine check. They also did fly and strep test

Kelli called Tuesday morning and asked if I wanted to take her... So I just meet ambulance at hospital

Doing xRay's and blood work. ER doctor said it sounded like sever bronchitis.  The only thing I saw her drink yesterday was 1/2 glass of lemonade so I told them to take a urine test and check for dehydration. 

Going to keep her. Fluid on lungs but dr asking a lot about her heart. BP 111/74. 

Kidney, heart and lungs. We don't know if she is going to ICU or 3rd floor

Bengi:Kidney heart and lungs what?

Fluid on outside of lungs is causing the heart problems. I still say that the NO fluid intake is causing her kidneys to shut down

Going to IMC unit a step down from ICU. Intermediate medical care  room 217

She's really sick. But she should be OK. She's in a good place. Still eating
Nurses: Jaree n Erin / Hannah (night)
Mickie / dr Bushnell / dr Shaw heart dr

Not a lot of difference. Hemoglobin went down. 10 to 8 Don't really know what that means. They are giving her fluids and none coming out  they are still not saying pneumonia. Fluid around heart and kidney failure 
Nurses: Jaree n Erin / Jennifer (night) Aide: Debbie
JoElla / Mickie / Bengi / jake / josh / Jenni / Tim 
dr Bushnell / dr Shaw heart dr

I had to sign a consent to give her 2 units of blood to build up her volume. 
Hemoglobin is 8.3. Going to give her blood

Was going to give mom a blood transfusion, then i remembered her bad reaction 9/3/11.  Holding off on blood transfusion. They are taking her down to get lung xRay to see if there is a blood clot

Holding off on blood transfusion. They are taking her down to get lung xRay to see if there is a blood clot

Mom was a pill last night till about 12:30 Pulled out 2 IV's, kept taking off oxygen, couldn't go to sleep. Very anxious,  crying.  Same this AM. Dr Bushnell was just in. Kidneys have peaked, it's a fine line fluids going in and fluids going to her lungs and fluids coming out. He said it was going to be slow process and depends on her progress a couple more days in hospital then she will have to go to skilled nursing

Update. She has had a good day. Produced more Urine. Been awake most of day. Still going to do blood transfusion in AM. Waiting for O neg blood from OKC

Nurse said her lungs sound better tonight. It's first time we seen a nurse since 6. She said that as soon as the blood gets here they will give her the blood. If its 3 AM then they will start then. 
Nurses: Elizabeth/ Jennifer (night) Aide: Debbie
JoElla / Mickie 
dr Bushnall / dr Shaw heart dr

Mom pulled out her IV again, took out her oxygen and the red light on her finger that tracks her oxygen. Started blood at 3 AM. Gave her Benadril  and Tylenol. Then Lasix. Dr just came said her lungs were still noisy. Noisier then he would like them. Dr said he looked back at the records from 2011 and her kidneys were worse then  but this time we have lungs on top of the kidneys. I asked about the profusion chest X-ray he said he would have to get back because he hasn't look at the report.  She is wheezing and gurgling.  She just asked me if she had to get up. I told her no

Nurse said she had course air exchange but much better. Now who do you Beleive 

Kimi: I don't believe either.  You can measure her lung function by her O2 saturation (red light on finger), how much oxygen she needs, how frequent she needs breathing treatments...

The lung X-Ray's came back "Low Probabiity" .  I thinking that's good. 
Kimi: Yes, that's great

She got a bath and blood pressure is 191/80
Nurses: Elizabeth Jennifer training/  (night) Aide: Shaudae
dr Bushnall / 

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