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Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Chair

Mom has been wanting a lift chair. I kept putting it off because she wont be using her muscles to get up and down. But after Christmas we went to check on the chairs. With a prescription from the doctor, Medicare would pay for the motor. So we ordered the chair. All stores being closed for the 2 Mondays for the holidays, we didn't get it ordered until Jan 3rd.

Mom started saying "If they don't get it in, we will cancel the order and go someplace else and get a chair." I wanted to say 'Mom, it will take just as long" but I didn't, I just kept going and checking on it. It was exactly 8 days from the time we ordered the chair until the time they delivered it. Mom was just wanting her chair.

She is very happy. It's go the 2 pockets in the arms with a tray for eating. I am glad that she is happy.

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