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Monday, January 16, 2012

Red Eye

Mom has had a red eye
She called her eye dr and made an appointment for Tuesday at 11

The Next Morning:
Mom was late getting up she was at table taking her pills , I had her jacket and started to put it on her she said she needed to brush her teeth. That if she was going to dentist she should brush her teeth. I said "Mom your going to the eye Dr" then she said that she didn't need to brush her teeth!

Eye Doctor told her she had a sty on her eye.
We went to get drop medication at the pharmacy. Azasite 1%,, 5 ml for $66. 2 little drop bottles that need to be kept in the refrigerator, they were in regular pill bottles that the pharmacy puts all meds in. I showed mom where I was putting them.

When we got home, I put a drop in her eye. I then left to go to OKC. Wednesday she didn't say anything about her eyes.

When I called Thursday morning, she couldn't find her drops. She said she used them all and they were in the trash and she was using the other drops that the eye doctor had given her. The eye doctor had not given her any other drops. We had bought some over the counter drops, so I guess that what she was using.

So I first called the pharmacy and he told me that there should be 15 drops in each bottle. It had only been 1 1/2 days since I left.

Next I called the home health where she lives and told them mom's story. So she went up to mom's room and went to the refrigerator and found the drops.

When I got back to mom's, she said she needed to put a drop in her eye. So I got out her drops, she tried to put them in and said that the bottle was empty. I took the bottle and put drops in her eyes. Yes it was a little hard to squeeze the bottle and mom doesn't have much strength.


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