Now it is my turn, my pleasure and my commitment to be there for her and with her, whatever it takes.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Forgot MOM

Today we went to social security office. Mom lost her social security card
She keeps saying that they changed her SS# when dad died. I think she has her Medicare and SS mixed up
So we got to SS office we got number 47 and waited because there was just 1 person at the 3 windows About 15 minutes the waiting room was full not one chair was empty. The door opened to the back office and she called out #46 but no one got up so she said #47 I said that's us and I got up and started to the back and instantly remembered I didn't get mom. I turned to get he and EVERYBODY was laughing. I was so embarrassed. I only did this on other time when we were at Golden Oaks. We came down the elevator and I saw a nurse and walked out and started to talk to her but we both turned and saw mom still in elevator. Jennifer gave me a hard time for weeks. OH wait she is still giving me a hard time.

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