Now it is my turn, my pleasure and my commitment to be there for her and with her, whatever it takes.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mom's Christmas Spirit......

I worked all day yesterday making some cookies and fudge. Bagged, labeled them and then put them in reusable plastic containers, put bows and ribbons on them.

Today we went to hand them out to mom's friends. Mom said "Do I have to go?" I told her "Yes you have to carry the basket". So I loaded her up in the wheel chair with a big basket of goodies on her lap. Now she complained but she enjoyed it a lot more than she thought she was going to. We visited with each one of her friends. It was fun.

Tonight we went to church to listen to the choir put on a "Cantata". It was really beautiful music. She was glad that we went to that also. It takes her a long time to get in and out of the car, but she always enjoys it.

Just trying to get her in the Christmas spirit.

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