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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mom @ Bass August 2011

Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 10:02 PM

Jodean Chesnut has not had a very good day at all.

Dr ViJay order mom a blood transfusion.  Her hemoglobin was 8.4

I left for a little bit and when I returned Tim, my brother, was with mom and she was getting her blood transfusion.
Mom had to go to the bathroom,  her fever went up to 99.8.
She had started to shake then. UNCONTROLLABLE
1 hour of blood at a rate of 100, into the blood transfusion she had a reaction to the blood transfusion.

The nurses came in and got the blood transfusion stopped.  She was still shaking.  
Couldn't get an oxygen reading on her she was shaking so bad.
Started giving her oxygen,  Dr. Short said to give her Tylenol by mouth and Benedryl intravenously

Nurses left the room and mom started throwing up.

The Benedryl kicked in and she went to sleep.  

They moved Jodean down to Skilled Nursing and Dr Short said she would be here for a week.
I have had trouble with a nurses aide and had to refuse to let her back in the room.

She seems weaker again, and her demeanor is just not very good at all.

I am so wishing I would have brought her to OKC now.


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